Winter Tents With Stoves


The pleasure of camping in nature in winter, combined with the beauty of snow-covered landscapes and the taste of fresh air, depends on the right equipment and planning. For those who want a comfortable and safe camping experience in cold weather conditions, winter camping emphasizes the importance of a warm tent. Camping tents with stoves maintain the indoor temperature and prevent getting cold in winter. So what do tents with stoves do?

1- Reasons for Choosing a Stove Tent:

  • Heat and Comfort:

A drop in temperature is inevitable when camping in winter. Stove tents are ideal for heating the interior and ensuring campers have a warm sleeping experience.

  • Keeping Dry:

Stove tents help keep the interior dry by allowing moisture inside to evaporate. This is important for keeping campers’ clothes and equipment dry.

  • Long Term Winter Camping:

For those who will be camping for long periods of time in winter, tents with stoves keep the interior warm and comfortable.

2- Stove Tent Advantages:

  • Temperature Control:

Stove tents can be used to control the indoor temperature. Campers can keep the interior at the desired temperature by adjusting the temperature of the stove. To avoid getting cold in winter, you can check our stove tent models HERE

  • Dry Interior:

Stoves reduce indoor humidity and help dry things and clothes inside.

  • Long Winter Nights:

Since winter nights are long, tents with stoves allow campers to spend more time indoors.

  • Cooking:

Some stove tents are designed to cook food on top of the stove, making camping meals more convenient.

3- Stove Tent Safety:

  • Care should be taken when using stove tents. Flammable materials or dangerous equipment to be used near the stove should not be indoors.
  • To prevent the stove from falling, the floor of the tent should be chosen properly and the stove should be securely mounted.
  • Fire safety equipment (fire extinguisher) should be kept near the stove

4- Stove Tent Equipment:

  • Stove tents usually include a stove, chimney pipe, stove grate and fire safety equipment suitable for inside the tent.
  • Campers should also bring fuel materials such as wood or coal to be used when lighting the stove.
  • You can find stove tent equipment for winter HERE.

5- Indoor Space Capacity:

The interior space of winter tents with stoves can vary according to the various models. A four-person winter tent usually covers an area between 7 and 10 square meters. This is enough space for four people to sleep comfortably and store their equipment, but we should consider that the stove also takes up space when using a tent with a stove. You can look at our stove tent models that will be most useful for us in winter HERE.


As Sönmez Outdoor, we aim to offer the best equipment to adventure enthusiasts who want to go winter camping. The durability, waterproofness and warmth of our inflatable camping tents protect you while enjoying nature in winter. We are here for you to accumulate unforgettable memories in touch with nature.

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