What materials do you use in your inflatable tent?

Our tents are made of high quality materials. The outer surface is UV Resistant and offers a UV protection factor of 80. It has water repellency and sunfastness properties. Anti-microbial fabric prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses. All seams are fully taped and provide a watertight seal. Furthermore, the waterproof PE groundsheet is made of durable PVC fabric, which allows our tents to withstand harsh conditions.

Are Your İnflatable Tents Waterproof?

No, you don’t have to worry about waterproof. Our inflatable tents use 100% waterproof fabric and can withstand weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow and wind. The one side acrylic coated fabric is water repellent and does not fade in the sun. It offers a comfortable living space with the ability to adapt to both cold and warm climates, keeping the heat in during cold weather. Fully taped seams and a waterproof PE groundsheet increase the waterproofness of the tent. There is also an extra rain cover on top of the tent doors, thus preventing leaks. Our tents are fully wind, rain and snow tested, ensuring safe use in all weather conditions.

Which Weather Conditions Are Your İnflatable Tents Suitable For?

Our inflatable tents are designed for 4 season use and provide strong protection against harsh weather conditions. They are fully wind, rain and snow tested, so you can use them even in rainy, windy and snowy weather.

What İs The Warranty Period?

Each of our products is protected against manufacturing defects and material defects for a period of 2 years. Any manufacturing defect or material defect that may occur during this period will be repaired free of charge or replaced with a similar product. The satisfaction and safety of our customers is one of our top priorities.

Except for normal wear and tear outside the warranty period, damages caused by customer error, misuse or negligence are not covered by the warranty.

Can I Use A Sove İn The İnflatable Tent?

Yes, the “Chimney Outlet” feature has been added to install a camping stove inside your tent for mandatory winter conditions. This chimney outlet is made of heat resistant and flame retardant fabric. You can safely set up your camping stove inside your tent in cold weather and harsh winter conditions. With its 11 cm pipe diameter, it is compatible with all camping stoves and its special design prevents snow or rain from entering from the outside. This feature makes your inflatable tent even more versatile and offers a comfortable living space in extreme weather conditions.

How To Keep Warm İn An İnflatable Tent?

To heat your inflatable tent, you can use the “Chimney Outlet” feature specially designed for harsh winter conditions. This chimney outlet is made of heat resistant and flame retardant fabric. You can set up your camping stove inside your tent in cold weather and harsh winter conditions.

What Are Your Suggestions For First Time İnflatable Camping Tent Users?

  1. Always ventilate your tent well and ensure air circulation inside.
  2. Make sure that the ground in the area where you will set up the inflatable tent is flat and free of piercing materials (stones, mercury, etc.).
  3. Do not forget to take the auxiliary materials of the inflatable tent with you.
  4. Check the air in the inflatable tent once between 48 – 72 hours after the installation. If the main support columns of the tent are weakened, re-inflate to the appropriate value.
  5. If you are going to use a stove in the inflatable tent, make sure that you choose a suitable model and that the camping stove is at least 20-25 cm above the ground. You can get more information about this from Sönmez Outdoor.
  6. Always use a fireproof fabric or heat board under the camping stove.
  7. Be respectful to the environment and nature and set up and use your tent in a way that protects the natural environment.

How To Set Up Your İnflatable Tents?

  1. First, spread your ground mat where you will set up your tent.
  2. Place your inflatable tent flat on the ground mat.
  3. Open the inflation valve of the inflatable tent and check the lock of the valve. Unlock the lock inside the valve to put it into inflation mode.
  4. Attach and lock the inflator pump. Inflate your inflatable tent. Inflate at a pressure of Minimum: 0.6 Bar (0.9 PSI) and Maximum: 0.8 Bar (0.12 PSI).
  5. Secure your inflatable tent in place with anchoring stakes and guy ropes.
  6. Set up the built-in canopy or other special accessories for your tent.

How Should I Store My İnflatable Tents?

  1. Store the inflatable tent in a dry environment and keep away from moisture.
  2. Store the tent at a temperature between 10 and 25 degrees Celsius (50°F to 77°F).
  3. If stored for a long period of time, we recommend that you inflate the tent occasionally and leave it open for 24 hours. This will help you maintain the shape and performance of the tent.

How To Maintain The İnflatable Tents?

  1. Avoid applying any kind of solvent chemicals to your tent as they can damage the fabric.
  2. If you are not going to use the tent for a long time, be sure to clean the tent.
  3. You can wash the inflatable tent
  4. Store in a dry condition.
  5. The tent must be inflated when drying. If you dry it without inflating it, there is a possibility that it will remain damp.

İs The Hand Pump Of Your İnflatable Tents Purchased Elsewhere?

Yes, you can get hand pumps suitable for the valve of your inflatable camping tent from different sources. The inflatable tent valve has a standardized structure, so you can find and use different hand pumps that fit the valve


How To Fold The İnflatable Tent?

  1. Before starting, make sure there are no sharp objects inside or under the tent.
  2. In preparation for folding the tent, remove the anchoring stakes, guy ropes and canopy poles and put them in their bags.
  3. Open the valve of the inflatable tent and press the safety lock. Make sure the valve is open.
  4. The inflatable tent will deflate automatically. Then remove the remaining air using the pump.
  5. Fold the side compartments to the inside of the tent Fold the inflatable valve again so that it is at the bottom. Fold starting opposite the valves.
  6. After folding into a roll, tie the tent with a stretching rope.
  7. Store the inflatable tent in the carrying bag.

Do Inflatable Tents Deflate After A Certain Period Of Time?

As Sönmez Outdoor, we would like to provide you with important information for the use of our inflatable tent as a long-lasting and high-performance product.

First, before using your tent, make sure that it is fully inflated every time. After the inflation process is complete, it is important to close the valves tightly. This will prevent unwanted air loss in your tent.

It is also important to check the air pressure at regular intervals after setting up your tent. If you notice decreases in air pressure, you can re-inflate your tent to ensure optimum performance. This is an effective way to extend the lifespan of the tent.

How Do I Place An Order?

Placing an order is extremely easy. We offer fast shipping service all over Turkey. All you need to do is select the product you want to order, fill in the required information and make your payment by clicking here on our website. Your order will be processed quickly and will be delivered to you in a short time. You can easily order the inflatable camping tent you need.

How Can I Reach You?

It is very easy to reach us! You can find our contact information on our website HERE. You can contact us by filling out the contact form or via the specified phone number or e-mail address. Feel free to share your questions, requests or any kind of feedback with us. We will be happy to help you.