Things To Take To Winter Camp


Winter offers another beautiful side to time spent in nature. Snow-covered forests, icy lakes and walks through crunchy snow. However, in order to enjoy this magical experience, you need to have the right preparations.

In this article, we offer a guide for those who want to go winter camping. What equipment and supplies will keep you comfortable and safe while enjoying the cold weather and snow? Here are some suggestions to make your winter adventure unforgettable;

1- Tent:

When winter camping, you should choose a tent that is suitable for the group. This allows you to be comfortably located indoors and offers extra space to store your equipment. You can choose camping tents with stoves to keep you warm. You can also look at tents with stoves HERE.

2- A Warm Sleeping Bag:

A warm sleeping bag can be your best friend when camping in winter. A good sleeping bag isolates you from the outside world on cold nights and keeps your dreams warm.

3- Layers that make you forget the wind:

Layers are the secret of winter camping. The inner layer wicks sweat away from the body, the middle layer keeps you warm and the outer layer protects you from wind and rain. A good layered outfit keeps you ready for any weather conditions.

4- Snow Shovel :

If you are in a snow-covered paradise, you must have a snow shovel. It makes your job easier both when setting up the tent and when organizing your campsite.

5- Knife:

Larger and more durable fixed blades are ideal for chopping wood, lighting fires and other heavy-duty tasks. They can come in handy when making a fire in winter camping or when organizing the campsite. Small, portable and lightweight folding knives are useful for many tasks, from preparing food to chopping wood. They are often combined with multifunctional accessories, which makes them handy when camping. Check out the must-have camping knives HERE.

6- Flavors to Warm You Up:

A cup of hot chocolate or a freshly cooked meal in cold weather can be one of the best memories shared around the campfire. Don’t forget to keep hot drinks and energizing meals in your thermos.

7- First Aid Kit:

Always be prepared. Even minor injuries can become major, so a first aid kit is a must for every camper.

8- Spare Clothes:

Weather conditions can change in winter. Wet or dirty clothes can make you cold, so have spare clothes. One of the essentials in winter is clothing. Thermal clothing helps to keep you warmer, you can look at thermal clothing HERE.

9- Toiletries:

There may not be a toilet in the campsite, so you should carry toiletries.

10- Kitchen Equipment:

Don’t forget the kitchen equipment needed to light the campfire and prepare food.

11- Heater or Camping Stove:

Winter camping may require a heater or a portable camping stove to heat the interior. This offers a more comfortable experience on cold nights. You can look at camping tents with stoves that prevent getting cold in winter HERE.

12- Thermos:

A thermos that can carry hot drinks or meals provides temperature control for campers.

13- Lighting Tool:

The days are shorter in winter, so having a good flashlight or head lamp makes it easier to camp during the dark hours.

14- Navigation Tools:

It is easy to get lost in snowy conditions. Navigation tools such as a map, compass or GPS will help you follow your route and ensure your safety.

15- Anti-Wet Materials:

Wet socks and gloves can prevent you from enjoying winter camping. Therefore, waterproof socks and water-resistant gloves should be on your camping list.

16- Communication Tools:

When camping in winter, you should have communication tools for emergencies. Communication devices such as cell phones, walkie-talkies or satellite phones keep you safe.

17- Snow Crampons:

It is easy to slip on snowy ground. Snow crampons provide more grip and safety during your hikes.

18- Entertainment and Spiritual Preparation:

Don’t forget to add some entertainment to keep you from getting bored during the long winter nights. Motivate yourself with a deck of cards, a book or your favorite music.

As Sönmez Outdoor, we aim to offer the best equipment to adventure enthusiasts who want to go winter camping. The durability, waterproofness and warmth of our inflatable camping tents protect you while enjoying nature in winter. We are here for you to accumulate unforgettable memories in touch with nature.