Summer Family Camps


When the summer months arrive, there are many people who want to go out into nature with their families and have unforgettable camping experiences. Filled with warm days, long evenings and the bounty of nature, this is the best time to go camping as a family. Fun activities, picnics, starry nights and, of course, pleasant conversations around the campfire… Summer family camps are perfect for families who want to strengthen bonds, make unforgettable memories with your children and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This summer, discover everything you need for a great adventure in nature with your family.


1- Tent Selection:

  • Spacious Interior:

When camping as a family, it is a great advantage if the interior of the tent is large and spacious enough. This allows members of your family to move around comfortably, play games and cook. Also, when sleeping at night, remember that more space ensures a comfortable sleep.

  • Partition Walls:

Some family camping tents divide the interior space with partition walls. This increases privacy between family members and allows everyone to have their own personal space. Also, these partitions help you divide the tent into different rooms.

  • High Ceiling:

A camping tent with a high ceiling offers more headroom inside. This helps you stand comfortably inside the tent and create a more spacious feeling.

  • Durability:

A camping tent is made of durable materials, which ensures its longevity. It also has waterproof seams and floor coverings to keep you dry on rainy days.

  • Quick Setup:

When camping with the family, quick and easy setup of the tent is a great advantage. Thanks to the fast assembly systems, you can set up the tent without wasting time and start enjoying the camping.

  • Inflatable Camping Tents:

The most popular tents for camping vacations are waterproof in rainy weather, comfortable for large groups, etc. tents. You can check out inflatable camping tents HERE.

2- Camping Equipment:

It is important to have good camping equipment when camping. Basic supplies such as a tent, sleeping bags, campfire equipment and a portable stove are the things you will need while camping. You should also choose a suitable camping equipment for your children.

3- Activities and Games:

One of the best things about camping as a family is the opportunity to do enjoyable activities together. You can strengthen your family bonds with activities such as nature walks, stargazing, fishing and singing around the campfire. You can also plan games and activities suitable for your children so that they can have fun too.

4- Food and Water:

Cooking healthy and delicious meals while camping can be an experience that everyone can enjoy. Organizing your camp kitchen and preparing great meals with portable stoves or barbecues is an essential part of camping life. Drinking plenty of water is important, so check that you have access to clean drinking water sources.

5- First Aid Kit:

You should carry a first aid kit to treat injuries or minor cuts.

6- Lighting:

Lighting tools such as a flashlight or head lamp will help you move around your campsite at night.

7- Trash Bags and Recycling Materials:

You should carry garbage bags and recycling materials to collect your used materials to keep the nature clean.

8- Portable Charger:

Solar panels or portable chargers are a good option to charge your phone or other electronic devices.


As Sönmez Outdoor, we aim to offer the best equipment to adventure enthusiasts who want to go summer camping. The durability, waterproofness and warmth of our inflatable camping tents protect you while enjoying nature in winter. We are here for you to accumulate unforgettable memories in touch with nature.

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