Large Winter Tent


For campers and nature lovers, time spent outdoors in winter has a special place. But choosing the right tent is crucial to ensure a comfortable stay in cold weather conditions. Large winter tents are perfect for families, groups of friends or large teams. With their spacious interiors, these tents offer a comfortable sleeping area as well as plenty of space for seating, cooking and storage. Made from durable materials, these tents keep you warm while protecting you from wind, snow and rain. Some are even specially designed for stove installation, so you can keep warm on cold winter nights. Large winter tents make your camping experience more enjoyable and comfortable and help you make unforgettable memories. With options for 8-10-14 people, they provide perfect accommodation for large groups. Here are some special tent models from the London family:


London Family 8-10 Person Tents:

These tents stand out for their spacious interiors, designed for large families or groups of friends. They usually consist of two rooms: one is used for sleeping space, while the other room can be used for seating and storage. London Family tents are made from durable materials with waterproof seams and coatings, ensuring the interior stays dry in rain or snowy weather conditions. Their inflatable frames allow for quick and easy set-up.


London 360 8 -10 Person Tents:

These tents are quick and easy to set up thanks to their inflatable frames. The spacious interior allows you to comfortably separate sleeping and living areas. A good ventilation system keeps the indoor air clean and ensures a comfortable camping experience. It can be inflated with a hand pump in 5 minutes without any effort.



London 360 Discover 8-10 Person Tents:

The joy of camping in nature in winter is indisputable, but without the right equipment, the experience can be marred by cold and harsh weather conditions. This is where the London 360 Discover 8-10 Person Tent comes in, ideal for large groups and families. With its waterproof features and durable construction, this spacious tent will keep you dry and warm even on rainy or snowy days. Its inflatable frames allow for quick and easy setup. It’s also suitable for stove installation, so you can keep warm on cold nights.



London Maxia 480 14 Person Tents:

The London Maxia 480 is a spacious tent that can accommodate really large groups. With a capacity of 14 people, it is suitable for family vacations or large groups of friends. This tent has a snow load-resistant roof and increases safety in bad weather conditions and is waterproof in the rain. It has an in-tent stove to keep you warm in the harsh conditions of winter. It is quick to set up and can be inflated in 10 minutes.




  • Capacity: 8-14 person tents
  • Durability:Made with durable and waterproof materials.
  • Stove: Designed suitable for stove installation, which means you can use it to heat indoors in cold weather conditions.
  • Safety: It has sturdy frames so it can be used safely.
  • Lantern Hanging Area: There are compartments inside where you can hang lanterns or lamps.
  • Rainproof: It has waterproof seams and coatings to keep the interior dry on rainy days.
  • Spaciousness: The spacious interior offers a comfortable stay for large groups or families.
  • Setup: It is an inflatable tent that can be set up with the help of a hand pump between 5 and 10 minutes.

**You can look at inflatable camping tents HERE.**

As Sönmez Outdoor, we aim to offer the best equipment to adventure enthusiasts who want to go winter camping. The durability, waterproofness and warmth of our inflatable camping tents protect you while enjoying nature in winter. We are here for you to accumulate unforgettable memories in touch with nature.

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