Staying İn A Tent İn Summer


Summer is a great time to spend time outdoors and enjoy nature. Summer offers unforgettable experiences such as staying in a tent, sleeping under the stars and waking up to the sounds of birdsong. Gathering around the campfire to share stories, cooling off in a swimming pond and finding peace in the lap of nature is the perfect way to enjoy summer camping. However, there are some important factors to consider before staying in a tent in summer.


  • Temperature and Climate Conditions:

Temperatures can be high in summer, so you should choose a suitable tent to keep cool. It is also important to follow the weather forecast and be prepared for sudden weather changes.

  • Sun Protection:

Check that the tent has shade or blinds to protect against the sun’s rays. Also, don’t forget to pack personal sun protection equipment such as sunscreen, hats and sunglasses. When choosing your tent, look carefully at the tent features. Choosing a tent that blocks the UV rays of the sun will keep both you and your belongings safe. You can look at tent models HERE.

  • Quick and Easy Setup:

If you want to settle in quickly while camping in summer, inflatable camping tents are ideal for you. It only takes minutes to inflate the tent with the help of a pump.

  • Capacity and Interior Layout:

Considering the number of people you will use your tent, you should choose the right capacity. Interior layout is also important. Some summer tents have compartments that provide separate living and sleeping areas. These arrangements can make your camping experience more comfortable and you can check them out HERE.

  • Air Flow:

Making sure your tent has good ventilation will help lower the temperature inside during hot weather. You can opt for a tent with a good ventilation system and a double layer.

  • Water Supply:

The body needs more water due to the hot weather. Carry plenty of drinking water and consider camping near water sources. You can also purify water using water purifiers or tablets.

  • Sleep Pattern:

Hot weather can make it difficult to sleep. It is important to ensure a comfortable sleep by using a good sleeping bag and sleeping pad.


  • Fly and Insect Protection:

Hot weather can create a favorable environment for flies and insects. Using tents with screened windows and doors can protect you from insects. Fly repellent sprays also work well.

  • Clothing:

You should choose clothes according to the weather conditions and the characteristics of the area where you will be camping. Since it can be cold in the evenings in summer camps, you should prepare accordingly. You can check HERE for Camping Clothing.

  • Food and Cooking:

You can use a refrigerator or cooler to preserve perishable foods during summer camp. You should also consider cooking over an open fire or on a portable stove.

  • Personal Hygiene:

Hot weather can cause sweating and bad odors. Maintain personal hygiene by considering a shower tent or the possibility to wash in the pond.

  • Fire Safety:

Pay attention to fire safety when camping in summer. Be careful when using open fires and barbecue areas.

  • Nature Conservation:

Take care not to pollute the environment while camping and pitching your tent in nature. Collect and recycle your garbage.

***It may be necessary to consider these items when staying in a tent in summer!

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